Climate Change
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What is Lanark County doing about Climate Change?

Lanark County’s Climate Action Plan is being created in consultation with Climate Network Lanark. For the County’s up-to-date Climate news, you can join their facebook page.

Many of the municipalities in Lanark have their own Climate Action Plans. This includes Perth, and Tay Valley Township. Plans are in development for Carleton Place and Smiths Falls. You can see Perth and the Tay Valley on this map which includes Ontario municipalities that have included climate-related language in their official plans and/or zoning by-laws.

What are the main climate issues in my community?

The Climate Atlas of Canada can be searched by region, and combines climate science, mapping and storytelling to show changes to our area and projects created in response to those changes. 4

The Canadian Institute for Climate Choices provides a research based framework for decision making.


How can I make my voice heard in the development of Lanark County’s Climate Policies?

Stay informed about your municipality’s Climate Policies by:

  • Reading the council minutes.
  • Showing up for consultation processes.
  • Showing up to meetings where climate policy is being introduced.

You can join your municipal mailing lists here: Carleton Place, Mississippi Mills, Montague, Perth, Smiths Falls, Tay Valley. Or check the meeting minutes for Beckwith, Drummond North Elmsley, Lanark Highlands.


Who is already doing work around Climate Action in Lanark County and how can I join them? 

Join one of Climate Network Lanark’s Working Groups. We are always looking for new members to join our working groups.  Some working group members are field specialists, and some are concerned citizens with an interest in the area who are looking for concrete ways to contribute. We invite you to contact us to find a fit for your skills and interests, or explore some of the following working groups:

Join your municipality’s Environmental/Climate advisory committees. They currently exist in Perth,  Carleton Place, or Tay Valley

There are many groups working in Lanark County who are taking Climate Action with their work. Larger organizations include: 



Leave the Leaves

Leave the Leaves

Are fewer types of birds visiting your bird feeder? Current estimates indicate that North America is home to nearly three billion fewer birds today compared to 1970 — that’s more than 1 in 4 birds that have disappeared from the landscape in a mere half-century. .....

Guide to Critiquing Official Plans

While Susan Berlin wrote this to give Lanark Highlands residents insight into evaluating their own Official Plan, it’s a very helpful read for the rest of us in Lanark County. All of our lower-tier municipalities are revising their Official Plans this year (except...

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