We all know that Lanark County is one of the best kept secrets in Canada. Its small towns and rural communities are human scale. Our backyards are its many, many lakes, its rivers and wilderness areas.

This doesn’t make us immune from the ravages of the global climate breakdown. Nor does it stop us from acting to stop and reverse climate change and to protect ourselves from its worst effects.

Climate Network Lanark (CNL) is laser focused on seeing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Lanark County and Smiths Falls cut in half by 2030. That’s what the world must do, that’s what we must do. And since half of our emissions are generated locally, from our buildings, our transportation, our waste, there’s a huge opportunity for us to make a huge difference.

We’ve got People Power, we’ve got ideas and plans for action. Join us, help us, donate.

The Salal Foundation conducts joint fundraising with CNL for donations from individuals and organizations that require a charitable receipt. Salal works with CNL to meet critical aspects of CNL’s activities.

Unless you make your donation anonymously, your name, gift amount, email, and mailing address will be shared with CNL.


The Orange That Went to Nunavut

The Orange That Went to Nunavut

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Image © Eye Meets World Photography

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