November 2021

It’s getting chilly, but here at CNL we are excited about some hot ideas generated by our Working Groups for the Climate Action Plan (CAP) being developed by the County’s Climate Action Plan Steering Committee.

All members of the Steering Committee have been tasked with submitting actions. CNL compiled its actions from the many people participating in its Working Groups. From collecting and processing organic waste into conventional compost and fungal dominant compost, to providing financial incentives to encourage homeowners to take up electric heat pumps and solar systems, we are feeling positive about helping to create a map for these next 10 critical years.

But CNL recognizes that’s not the end of good ideas and that readers of this newsletter, and the public throughout Lanark County and Smiths Falls, likely have more great ideas. We are asking that you 1) submit them to us, because we want to add them to our list and we’ll ensure it gets into the County once it is vetted by our Working Groups, and 2) that you submit them to your respective municipal representative on the County committee.

County staff will also be consulting with stakeholder groups including business, conservation authorities, non-profits, and many others to compile a long list of possible actions. The Steering Committee will then short list the actions, looking for those that get the biggest reductions in local GHGs and the public will be invited to review the draft plan some time in the spring.

We want to capture all good, solid actions expressed by people in the County and Smiths Falls, so tell us about those burning ideas you have.

Best Regards, Gord, Sue and Emily and the Climate Network Lanark Team

1. Lanark County Rejects Gas Peaker Plant Expansion

Lanark County endorsed a motion calling for the phase-out of plants in the province that produce electricity by burning natural gas. In doing so, Lanark County joins more than 30 cities, towns and rural municipalities across the province in calling for alternatives to the gas plants. The Clean Air Alliance outlines how the power can be made up.

2.CNL Youth – Reflections on the Youth Summit for Mother Earth

We are thrilled to announce that CNL’s Youth Group Members and Butterfly Rangers Jordan-Anne Rich and Clara Misener were spotlighted by the David Suzuki Foundation. Member Jordan-Anne subsequently won a scholarship from the MVFN to attend the Ontario Nature Youth Summit for Mother Earth. Here she offers her reflections on the summit, focusing on the importance of Two-Eyed Seeing and recognizing one’s own gifts.

3. Local Climate Action in the News

Metroland has launched a monthly CNL Climate Matters column which will explore positive climate related stories in Lanark County & Smiths Falls. If you know a story, or ARE a story, contact our Communications Group.

 Chandler Swain digs into the Climate Action Plan Recommendations in The Humm

After a successful summer operating a volunteer-based reuse centre at the Perth waste management site, the Perth Climate Change Sustainability committee unanimously recommended that Perth Council budget $20,000to build a permanent reuse centre at the site.

4. Learning and Events

Nov 1-12th

COP26 Backdoor

Access free broadcasts from the critical international COP26 in Glasgow. Drop in on the important speakers and decisions.

November 16th at 7pm on Zoom

Regenerative Agriculture 101 with Alberto Suarez-Esteban of Nature’s Apprentice Farm

Presented by Neighbourhood Tomato

Alberto will introduce us to the basics of regenerative agriculture. This overview will educate us about the relevance and importance of this style of agriculture for our sustainable future. Email to register

November 17th from 1:00pm – 3:00pm on Zoom

Bringing your community climate action plan to life

Presented by Partners for Climate Protection

Discover steps to help ensure your community climate action plan is a success. Perth and Tay Valley Township have Climate Action Plans, Lanark County and Smiths Falls are developing them. They’re critical to how we address the climate crisis locally because our local governments control or influence about half of our Greenhouse Gas emissions.

November 19th-21st, multiple times at the Ottawa War Museum

12 – An original theatre creation created and performed by youth 

Presented by the Ottawa Children’s Festival

12 gives voice to youth regarding the climate crisis and the future they have inherited. A playful invitation to stop, listen, and to consider what it actually means to take action, together, now.

November 26th at 7:30 on Zoom

Almonte Lectures: Dirty Secrets of Oil Industry in Canada

Dr. Bill Adams of RESTCO delves deep into the problems relating to the oil industry’s impact on the coastal waters and the North.

5. Actions You Can Take

1 – Make renewables a priority for winter

If you have already done your research and are ready to take some steps in that direction, we have created a list of Lanark heat pump installers for you to peruse. If you still need some more information before committing to big changes, our colleagues at Envirocentre have a new website. Better Homes Ottawa breaks down how to create a more Climate Friendly home.

2 – Use your fall leaves to help local farmers: Residents of Almonte and Pakenham who are not leaving the leaves, or using them for their gardening projects, can send them to be turned into fungal dominant compost for soil regeneration. Contact in Almonte, and in Pakenham.

3 – Volunteer with us: We have met a lot of talented new volunteers on our recent outings into the community, but this embarrassment of riches brings the need for a volunteer Volunteer Coordinator. Are you friendly, organized and interested in learning about how people want to make a difference? Then give us a shout.

If the idea of talking to strangers is NOT your cup of tea, then does quiet data-entry sound appealing? Climate action from the comfort of your living room with the tea on and the music playing? Data-entry volunteers now sought. Contact

4 – Support The South Lanark Community Gardens grant application for an off-grid greenhouse by adding a supportive note to show that these are the projects you would like to see in our community. They have until Nov 10th to glean community support.

5 –  Spend the day in Perth removing LDD Moth Egg Clusters: The trees need your help! If you would like to spend some time volunteering in the parks around Perth on November 15th, 17th or 20th at 1:30, please contact

6Climate Survey still open: We have been thrilled with the survey responses and thoughtful commentary. If you have not filled out our 13 minute survey and sent it to all your friends, family, book club members and tap dance classmates, then now is your chance! Survey results will be available in the new year, and we would love your voice in there.


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