October 2021

Family at a climate rally with child and sign 'Its time for change'.

Happy Fall

It has been a busy September here at Climate Network Lanark as we launched our County-Wide survey on Climate Behaviours and Attitudes. We are thrilled at the responses and comments, and encourage you to keep sending on the survey link.

We also gathered as a group to create a game plan for contributing to the County’s first ever Climate Action Plan, which is in the early stages of development NOW.

Michelle Vala, the County’s Climate Plan coordinator, and Sue Brandum will be making a presentation to Mississippi Mills Council Oct. 19 on the County’s Climate Action Plan and CNL. If you want to tune in, check here for the information to connect electronically.

Sept. 24th saw Climate Rallies in both Perth and Almonte in conjunction with Fridays for Future’s Global Climate Strike. Special thanks also to Sue Evans, Ahlena Sultana-McGarry, Anita Payne, Christa Lowry Ashley Miceli, Jane Ellens, Jennifer Noxon, Chandler Swain and the Reid-Neilz family for their contributions. 

And keep watch, there will be lots of media coverage of the climate crisis in the lead up to the UN’s COP 26 meeting in Glasgow Oct. 31 – Nov. 12. 

Moving forward this month, we invite you to consider how changes to your yard waste regime can keep organics from producing methane in the landfill, and usher in an eco-system saving cultural shift. How do we think about those small steps as part of a continuum that leads to system changes? As we continue work on the County Climate Action plan, how can we think about small community projects as pilots for changes that can later happen on a County-Wide scale?

Keep in touch, we love hearing from you,

Gord, Sue and Emily

  1. Leave the Leaves
  2. Survey
  3. Learning and Events
  4. Local Climate Action in the News
  5. Actions you can take

1. Leave the Leaves (and other counter-intuitive suggestions)

If you’re like me, you are hearing about climate change every day — and you’re seeing its effect in your own backyard.

Are fewer types of birds visiting your bird feeder? Current estimates indicate that North America is home to nearly three billion fewer birds today compared to 1970—that’s more than 1 in 4 birds that have disappeared from the landscape in a mere half century.

Remember when every summer car trip meant you had to scrub the windshield and the grill, because it was covered with squashed bugs? Have you noticed you don’t have to do that any more? Our insect populations are crashing at a rate of roughly 9% per year. You may be feeling you should be doing something, if only for your own sanity … but like many of us, you feel helpless – as just one individual — to influence the big policy shifts that will force the real changes we need.

This article offers three concrete things you can do to make a difference (READ MORE)

2. Lanark County Climate Action Survey — Add Your Voice!

I love Lanark County so I am adding my voice to our local climate action plan.

You still have a chance to contribute to plans to address the Climate Crisis in Lanark County and Smiths Falls. A team from Climate Network Lanark worked to create a comprehensive survey to find out what Lanark County residents are currently doing and what they plan to do to address climate change. You can access it here

The Climate Action Plan (CAP) will provide an Action Plan for the next ten years for both County municipal operations (municipal buildings and garages, street lighting, municipal trucks, water and waste) as well as the community as a whole (homes, cottages, businesses, transportation, energy use, agriculture, etc.). (READ MORE)

3. Learning and Events

October 14th and beyond – We Walk the Path Together How youth can unite Indigenous and Western cultures through Ethical Space. For youth 14-25. Presented by Plenty Canada

October 16th – Warden’s Slow Roll for the United Way. Embrace active transit and Lanark Fall Colours with a bike ride along the OVRT from Almonte to Pakenham

October 19th, 7pm – Gardening Workshop: Climate Solutions CNL’s Gordon Harrison will help you understand the climate solutions available to us in Lanark County. Presented by the Neighbourhood Tomato. Email for Zoom link.

October 21, 6:45 MVFN Meeting: Wetlands & Fishery Dr. Cindy Chu speaks on Wetlands & Fishery. Presented by Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists

4. Local Climate Action in the News

Climate Change Rally in Perth Sees lots of Drive By Support
The Perth Courier

What does Climate Justice mean for All? Almonte Strikes for Policy Changes
Canadian Gazette

5. Actions You Can Take

  1. Are you looking to have more conversations about Climate?Volunteer for our Survey team, and meet people in person to help get the survey out, and also build our community of Climate Advocates
  2. Want to get outside and move your body? Our Farms working group will be using leaves to make fungal dominant compost for soil regeneration. Spend an hour raking or mowing and we will bring the hot drinks. Email Scott
  3. Want to turn your leaves into compost? Almonte residents who don’t want to leave the leaves can instead send them to be a part of the aforementioned fungal dominant compost.


The Orange That Went to Nunavut

The Orange That Went to Nunavut

It can’t be emphasized more urgently how we need to reassess how we think about the food we grow and consume. We must make sure we are doing our part to address these complex issues in the intertwined web of living on planet Earth. .. read more

Volunteer Spotlight – Sadie Brule

Volunteer Spotlight – Sadie Brule

Meet our New Staff Member - Sadie Brule We are pleased to welcome Sadie Brule to our administrative team.  You may find her at the end of an email, or roaming through her hometown of Perth, but until you meet, here is a little bit about what moves her to act on...

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