September 2022

With the warm days of summer behind us, September brings us into another beautiful time of the year in Lanark County.  Vibrant leaves illuminating the landscape, and gracefully falling to feed the earth below. The fruiting bodies of mushrooms that protrude from trees, releasing microscopic spores in the wind. Pollinators voraciously enjoy their last feast on late season asters and wild flowers before frost. To witness the spectacle of fall in this county, is truly a highlight at the end of every summer.

The change in seasons coincides with lots of changes happening in Lanark County and with Climate Network Lanark this fall. On September 23rd, join us for Fridays for Future- #PeopleNotProfit Global Climate Strike. Understanding that climate change has disproportionate effects on people around the world and right here in Canada is important. This strike aims to make it known to policy makers everywhere that people need to be put before profit in the fight against climate change.

In August, we welcomed a new staff member to our team, Madeline Seward to aid us as our Communications/Administrative Coordinator. We are really looking forward to working with her, as well as having her input and expertise on our team!

For actions you can take this month, we encourage you to try out the ShareWaste app. This is a great application that diverts organic waste from landfills, connects users with compost, and can help reduce our methane emissions.  Additionally, with local politics changing this fall, getting out to ask questions and vote in the municipal election is a key action you can take. We have provided you with some important climate oriented questions to ask your municipal candidates.

We thank you for your continued support of CNL, the contributions of our passionate volunteers and dedicated donors is truly inspiring.

All the best this September,

The Climate Network Lanark Team

1. Fridays for Future #PeopleNotProfit- Global Climate Strike

On September 23rd, join us for the Global Climate Strike in demanding world leadership and policy makers to prioritize #PeopleNotProfit. The time has come where we must hold our leaders accountable for the injustices of climate change on class, gender, indigenous people, minorities, and marginalized communities around the world.

Climate change affects different communities in diverse ways, often exacerbating existing societal issues. In many areas of the world, underserved communities will be less resilient in overcoming the harsh effects of climate change. In Canada, we are already seeing vast implications on our most vulnerable populations and ecosystems that support us.

The Global Climate Strike is an opportunity to be heard and promote fair compensation to communities that lack proper support in adapting to climate change. By continuing to prioritize the agendas of the top 1%, the other 99% of people across the spectrum of class worldwide, will suffer the greatest as climate change progresses. Policy makers must be aware of the disproportionate effects of climate change, when creating and implementing policy.

Now is the time to act. Climate change is a global issue that requires a global response. Be a part of the movement that demands our climate and people to be prioritized.

This event is part of Fridays for Future global event.

For more information on this event visit:

2. Meet our New Staff Member – Madeline Seward


Tell us a bit about yourself and your career journey

I graduated from Trent University in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, minoring in Environmental Sciences/Studies.  My career started working as a student in Algonquin Park at Harkness Laboratory of Fisheries Research. From there, I spent some time working at Tweed in a variety of roles that led me to plant research and development. I also worked at Gemmell’s Garden Centre where I developed my love for all plants, but specifically native perennials and shrubs.

How did you come to be interested in the environment?

From a young age, I have always felt deeply connected to the environment. Growing up and living in rural Ontario, nature is all around. When I was young, you could usually find me exploring the shorelines of the Big Rideau, collecting flowers, black caps, rocks, snail shells, and other treasures. This love for nature has always followed me and guided me to who I am today.

Why does it matter to pursue a role with CNL?

Pursuing a role with CNL is important to me because I feel that the issues surrounding climate change are so diverse and important. I am a strong believer in the power of communities, and I think that communities can make a difference in the collective well-being of the environment. Lanark County is such a vibrant region and protection and preservation is important to me. 

What are you looking forward to in your role as Communications/Administrative Coordinator?

I am looking forward to engaging, inspiring, and empowering people to take action against climate change. I’m also so excited to work with and meet like-minded people who are paving the way for climate action in our area.

What do you do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I am at home in Portland, Ontario with my partner and our two hound dogs Banjo and Moby. We spend a lot of time outside in the garden and greenhouse sharing our passion for growing with each other and the community. We have a small roadside stand and sell flowers and produce. I am also the President of the Rideau Lakes Horticultural Society where I work collaboratively with board members and volunteers to bring meaningful gardening experiences to people of all ages in Rideau Lakes. 

Any final points?

I am so excited to be a part of Climate Network Lanark! I see this organization as a trailblazer in municipal and county action against climate change in Eastern Ontario, which I feel is very important.


September 6th- Climate Action Committee Meeting 1:00 PM @ Lanark County Administration Building

September 14th- Webinar- Sustainable Tourism: Going Green to Grow your Business-  3-4:30pm- Frontenac Arch Biosphere Network- Click here for tickets! 

September 22nd– Webinar ~ Tay Net ~ Sustaining a Healthy River – starting at 2:30 pm Click here for more information!

September 22nd – Car Free Day 2022- Leave your vehicle at home for the day and take an opportunity to bike or walk

September 23rd- Global Climate Strike- 11:45am- 1:00pm- 50 Dufferin St., Perth, at the corner of Hwy 7 and Wilson St. 

October 15th- Municipal Election Advance Polls

October 17 to October 24- Voting Period Until 8:00 p.m. October 24 

October 25- Declaration of Official Election Results


Co-Directors of CNL Sue Brandum and Scott Hortop sit down with Lake 88.1’s Lynda D’Aoust

Click here to listen to the broadcast!

5. Actions You Can Take

  • ShareWaste- Give your waste a second chance!

  • Every year a large amount of organic matter ends up in landfills.  As a result, methane, a potent greenhouse gas, is produced. By diverting organic waste from landfills, it reduces the production of methane, which currently accounts for 81% of the greenhouse gas emissions produced by waste alone (Environment Canada, 2022). It’s one of the most important actions we can take as citizens!

    ShareWaste is a great application that facilitates the sharing of organic waste in communities around the world. Climate Network Lanark is hoping to increase the awareness of this application so that more businesses and people in Lanark County will engage with this platform. Signing up is easy!

    To sign up for FREE visit: and follow the instructions.

    • Select if you are a donor, host, business, or cafe
    • Create an account using an email address and your first name
    • Edit your profile by putting your name, about yourself, location, and email address
    • As a host let people know what kind of organic scraps you are looking for (ie.fruits, veggies, paper, leaves) and what you are not looking for (ie. meat, oils)
    • As a donor let people know what kind of organic waste you are offering
    • To look for compost in your area, visit the listing map and see how close your nearest compost donor or host is.
    • Click on the icon on the map to see what kind of compost is being offered, is needed, or what kind of compost is not accepted
    • Reach out to the donor or host that fits your organic waste requirements and arrange pick up or drop off
    • Voila! You have successfully helped the planet!

    The great thing about this platform is that it increases accessibility to compost in both rural and town settings in our county. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure! In this case the treasure is creating nutrient-rich soil while reducing greenhouse gas emissions!

    1. Lanark County Municipal Elections- Questions to ask Candidates about Climate Change

    As the 2022 municipal elections are just around the corner, the time is upon us to learn more about how candidates align with our visions for our communities. Keep your eyes out for municipalities hosting All-Candidate meet and greets, or even reach out and by sending your candidates emails and letters. Understanding where candidates stand on important issues such as climate change, are great determinants of their priorities.

    Some questions to ask your candidates this election season include:

    What is your approach to implementing adaptations to climate change in our community?

    Where do you rank addressing climate change as a priority on your platform?

    How do you plan to support the implementation of a Climate Action Plan in Lanark County?

    How do you plan to protect vulnerable components of our environment against climate change?

    What current initiatives, programs, groups, or committees are you a part of in our county that address issues of climate and environmental protection?

    In 2018, municipal elections across Ontario had only 38.4% voter turnout (Association of Municipalities Ontario, 2022). Municipal services are responsible for our adaptations and responses to climate change as well as protecting our local environments. Make sure to get in the know as to where your candidates stand at mitigating climate change, and get out and vote this October! For more information on how you can vote in this upcoming election, visit your municipality’s website. Ensure your voting information is also up to date!


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