Thank you to the many supporters who, from day one to now, have been ready to step up to support our fledging network and help us grow.

The purpose of the Lanark County Community Grants Program is to responsibly distribute County funds to support non-profit agencies and organizations who serve Lanark County. Grants are awarded to local projects that have a direct impact on the people of our community or an indirect impact by increasing the capacity of organizations to initiate and sustain local projects.

Nature Canada is one of the oldest national nature conservation charities in Canada. For 80 years, Nature Canada has helped protect over 110 million acres of parks and wildlife areas in Canada and countless species. Today, Nature Canada represents a network of over 100,000 members and supporters and more than 800 nature organizations.

Founded in 2002, the Perth & District Community Foundation (PDCF) has been connecting donors to causes that matter. PDCF pools the charitable gifts of many donors into an income-earning endowment that provides grants to programs targeting youth, seniors, health, education, the environment, arts and culture, sports and recreation and social development in our catchment area.

The Gosling Foundation supports transformation of the nature sector to enable it to protect and restore biodiversity for the benefit of all. We’re a small, private foundation established by Dr. Philip R. Gosling, a successful entrepreneur, naturalist, birder and co-founder of the Bruce Trail.

EcoPerth has been promoting local action on climate change for the past 25 years. EcoPerth has initiated many projects, supporting municipalities in and around Lanark County and with special focus on renewable energy and local food.

INDIVIDUAL DONATION: We are grateful for the generous donations from Susan Brandum, Deborah Duffy and Gordon Harrison, which allow us to continue to grow the Climate movement locally. Contact us if you would like to join our list of supporters.



Volunteer Spotlight – Louise McDiarmid

Volunteer Spotlight – Louise McDiarmid

I support Cutting Community Greenhouse Emissions in Half But I am prejudiced beyond debate in favor of my right to choose which side shall feel the stubborn ounces of my weight. - Bonaro W. Overstreet When Louise was 12, she moved to a village outside of Peterborough....

Are You Riled Up Yet?

Are You Riled Up Yet?

It has been proven again and again: if citizens get together to demand action from governments, change will happen. The folks at Climate Network Lanark (CNL) who are working with Lanark County Council to form an aggressive Climate Action Plan tell me that other...

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