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Are you looking to get involved with Climate Network Lanark as a volunteer? Email us and we will book a time to discuss how your skills and passions can be turned into tangible climate actions.  

The following positions are currently open:

  1. Social Media Ambassadors: Are you interested in using your online presence to share and build climate campaigns in your community? Social media ambassadors work within their own municipality or township to disseminate campaigns on a variety of social media platforms, including but not limited to Facebook and Instagram.
  2. Social Media Content Creators: Are you interested in designing engaging social media content built from core texts created by our Communications groups? Your role would be to transform information into lively, vivid and digestible content.
  3. Writers and Researchers: Do you have a deep curiosity or specialized knowledge about  people taking Climate Action in our community? Our communications group is looking for folks to follow their interests by participating in the following:
    • help research key issues or topics for our website
    • interview people taking action and write their stories for our local media and social media
    • edit stories, content for the website, etc.
    • apply your science aptitude to the science of climate change in our region
  4. Newsletter Editor: Do you have a keen interest in Climate initiatives happening around Lanark County? The Newsletter editor will keep their finger on the pulse of what is happening and collect information from our working group members and affiliated organizations for inclusion in our monthly newsletter. This works to transform the network into an eco events hub.
  5. Photographers: Do you have an eye for the natural beauty of the County? Our photographers work with the social media and communications team to provide images for media stories, the newsletter and social media campaign. You may also be asked to attend and photograph live events.
  6. Live Events Team: Are you a social butterfly who likes to engage with people in person around Climate activities. Member of our events team set up and mind tables at live events, talking to people about upcoming campaigns and building relationships one conversation at a time. 
  7. Volunteer manager: Are you interested in meeting new people, learning about their skills and interests and finding meaningful places where they can contribute? The Volunteer manager will use our existing system to bring new people in to grow the Climate movement in our community – one person at a time.
  8. Admin Support: Are you looking to work from home independently on small admin tasks like data entry and information gathering? Do you love to order things in spreadsheets and feel satisfaction with colour coded data? We would love to have your brain on the team.
  9. Fundraisers: Individual donors give more to organizations than corporations and foundations combined. Who are these donors? — they’re the people we all know: neighbours, colleagues and family, But it’s scary, I’m no good at that! It doesn’t need to be and it’s so important to ensure CNL can continue to do important work here in Lanark County. We’ll train and support you. 


Volunteer Spotlight – Sadie Brule

Volunteer Spotlight – Sadie Brule

Meet our New Staff Member - Sadie Brule We are pleased to welcome Sadie Brule to our administrative team.  You may find her at the end of an email, or roaming through her hometown of Perth, but until you meet, here is a little bit about what moves her to act on...

Volunteer Spotlight – Louise McDiarmid

Volunteer Spotlight – Louise McDiarmid

I support Cutting Community Greenhouse Emissions in Half But I am prejudiced beyond debate in favor of my right to choose which side shall feel the stubborn ounces of my weight. - Bonaro W. Overstreet When Louise was 12, she moved to a village outside of Peterborough....

Image © Charlotte Pragnell

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