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Our Mission

We are Youth for Climate Action, a Lanark-based collective of youth activists tackling climate issues at the community level. As young people bear the present and future burdens of the current climate crisis, we center youth at the heart of climate-based solutions. We believe that youth hold valuable insight, creative, and innovative potential in addressing the climate crisis. We aim to challenge how we understand and act on climate change issues to make meaningful and empowering differences within our communities. Through youth-led projects, we work collaboratively towards solving environmental and sustainability issues our communities face.

What we are working on

Pollinator Walkways

Youth for Climate Action has been planting Pollinator Patches throughout Lanark County as part of their Be a Bee Bud program. These native gardens consist of plants that bloom from spring to fall, providing nectar, pollen, seeds and habitat for bees, butterflies and birds. Native plant varieties sequester more carbon, support native pollinators and require less water than non native plants.

Join the movement to turn lawns into livable habitats by adding your pollinator garden to the map below, creating pollinator walkways for your neighbors to explore alongside the butterflies.


If you are a young person interested in making an impact no matter how large or small, we would love for you to join us! Our meetings take place virtually through Zoom on the first Tuesday of every month. For more information sign up to be part of the network or email our Working Group Facilitator, Emily Pearlman.

Who We Are

Clara Misener
Clara is a high school student and cellist from Perth. Her pastimes include music, dance, basketball, and soccer. Clara also enjoys the outdoors and gardening and has a love of nature and animals. She hopes to have a career which combines her love of math, science, and the arts. She has participated in animal shelter fundraisers, in the Web peer support team, as well as the “Me to We” Club. Her interest in the environment and sustainability is reflected in membership in the Climate Network Lanark Youth Group, and the Butterflyway project. Clara believes that many small acts of kindness can make a huge impact on the world.

Jordan-Anne Rich
Jordan-Anne is a high school student and ski instructor. She has won a national poetry competition and continues to submit works with the hope of being a writer. Her favourite pastimes are reading and any outdoor activity, but most especially rock climbing and running. Jordan-Anne’s passion for the environment has led her to become a member in the Climate Network Lanark Youth Group. She aims to give future generations the same opportunity to experience nature that she had. 

Oscar Smith
Oscar is a grade 9 student in Perth.  He enjoys modelling aircraft and spending time with his chickens when he is free.  Oscar went to a local forest school for three years in the past, where he realised his love for the harmony of nature and animals.  He is concerned about the environment and its capacity for the stress that humans are putting on it.  Oscar believes that he can be part of a solution for these problems.

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams is a high school student at Carleton Place High School in Beckwith. Before moving to the Lanark area, she grew up in the Peel region. She enjoys listening to music, watching shows, and spending time with friends and family. Sarah loves learning new things and is interested in working with children in the future. Sarah is a part of a club called Pathfinders and is also a member of the Climate Network Lanark Youth Group. She loves to engage in her groups and learn more about how to protect the environment in which she lives.

Ahlena Sultana-McGarry – Co-Facilitator
Ahlena is an interdisciplinary artist and graduate student with a zest for the natural world. In her artistic practice and everyday life, she seeks to deepen her understanding of environmental issues, intersectional environmentalism, and avenues for a more harmonious future. She believes in the empowering potential of environmental education as an agent for meaningful change and centers this as integral to her studies and daily life. Through community and collective action, she is dedicated to the protection of wilderness and the fight against climate change.

Emily Pearlman – Co-Facilitator
Emily is an artist and educator interested in live experiences that bring together intergenerational groups of people and develop their relationship to place and each other. She is an Artistic Associate with The Ottawa Children’s Festival, and has taught creative arts to people of all ages in Almonte, Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver.

Delaina Anderson
Delaina is a grade 11 student at Carleton Place High School.  She has a passion for sports and change in the world. Some of her past times include playing various sports (favourites; hockey, rugby, soccer), visual arts, theatre, music and anything outdoors. Delaina loves to try new things and hopes to have a variety of different jobs when she’s older. Delaina’s passion for the environment and change has led her to become a member in the Climate Network Lanark’s Youth Group. She believes you need to be the change you want to see in the world and even the smallest things make the biggest difference.

Emma Andrigo
Emma Andrigo is a high school student currently living in Almonte. She loves all things artistic and has a background in dance, theatre, improv, music, filmmaking, and visual art. Emma is particularly passionate about the power of storytelling and plans to study media and communication in university. She is also frequently involved in local initiatives and loves spending time outdoors. When it comes to climate change, Emma truly believes that sustainability is the key to building strong and inclusive communities. She is unfailingly optimistic and hopes to fight cynicism by showing others that they can have a positive impact on the planet. 

Grace Hill
Grace is a grade 12 student at Almonte High School. Her interests include basketball, running, skiing, and music. She works part time at a dog kennel. She is planning to study ocean/environmental sciences at university in the fall. Grace is passionate about the environment and aspires to be part of the solutions that will bring balance and health to our planet. With her family, she spends time hiking, swimming, and exploring the outdoors.  These pursuits have shaped her into the earth loving person she is today.



Image © Julie Eaves

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