October 3rd- Lanark County Climate Action Committee Meeting- Lanark County Administrative Building, Council Chambers 10:00 AM-  To attend contact the Clerk Jasmin Ralph at

October 5th-  Webinar: Implementing Nature-Based Climate Solutions in Ontario- Webinar- 1pm- For more details

October 5th– “Rethinking Your Lawn and it’s Place in the Ecology of the Earth”- Karen Smereka-  Rideau Lakes Horticultural Society-  7pm at Elgin Municipal Complex For more information

October 12th– Webinar: “Heat Pumps Save Money and Emissions (Even Compared with Natural Gas)” by Heather McDiarmid, for more information email

October 14th- Recent Reports on Biodiversity from Canada’s Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development with Jerry V. Demarco, David Normand and Milan Duvnjak- To register

October 15th- Municipal Election Advance Polls

October 17th to October 24th- Voting Period Until 8:00 p.m. October 24

October 22nd- Lake Links- Watesheds Canada- Online- 10am-12:30pm- For more details

October 24th- 26th- Environmental Science and Applications Conference (ICESA’22) – Canada & worldwide – For more details click HERE

October 25- Declaration of Official Municipal Election Results


On September 23rd, join us for the Global Climate Strike in demanding world leadership and policy makers to prioritize #PeopleNotProfit. The time has come where we must hold our leaders accountable for the injustices of climate change on class, gender, indigenous people, minorities, and marginalized communities around the world.
Climate change affects different communities in diverse ways, often exacerbating existing societal issues. In many areas of the world, underserved communities will be less resilient in overcoming the harsh effects of climate change. In Canada, we are already seeing vast implications on our most vulnerable populations and ecosystems that support us.
The Global Climate Strike is an opportunity to be heard and promote fair compensation to communities that lack proper support in adapting to climate change. By continuing to prioritize the agendas of the top 1%, the other 99% of people across the spectrum of class worldwide, will suffer the greatest as climate change progresses. Policy makers must be aware of the disproportionate effects of climate change, when creating and implementing policy.
Now is the time to act. Climate change is a global issue that requires a global response. Be a part of the movement that demands our climate and people to be prioritized.
This event is part of Fridays for Future global event.
For more information visit:
Strikes will be held in both Carleton Place and Perth please see their respective posters below.

For more information contact:



The Orange That Went to Nunavut

The Orange That Went to Nunavut

It can’t be emphasized more urgently how we need to reassess how we think about the food we grow and consume. We must make sure we are doing our part to address these complex issues in the intertwined web of living on planet Earth. .. read more

Volunteer Spotlight – Sadie Brule

Volunteer Spotlight – Sadie Brule

Meet our New Staff Member - Sadie Brule We are pleased to welcome Sadie Brule to our administrative team.  You may find her at the end of an email, or roaming through her hometown of Perth, but until you meet, here is a little bit about what moves her to act on...

Image © Charlotte Pragnell

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