The CNL Steering Committee

  • The members of our Steering Committee are the deepest owners of the Network who assume primary responsibility for all aspects of CNL.
  • CNL is a project of the Lanark County Stewardship Council (LCSC) and so the Steering Committee reports to the Stewardship Council.
  • The Steering Committee will meet every two months; key responsibilities include:
    • Serve as the keeper of the Network’s Vision, Mission, Values and Objectives, modifying and refreshing these to ensure CNL is and remains dynamic, relevant and effective.
    • Develop strategic plans for the Network.
    • Liaise with LCSC to ensure the work of the Network is in line with the bylaws and priorities of LCSC.
    • Support the Executive Team to implement, manage and evaluate the priorities and programs of CNL.
    • Provide advice on and assist the Executive Team, contractors and Working Groups in their activities including:
      • Promotion of the Network.
      • Development of relationships with key partners and stakeholders.
      • Evaluation (establish evaluation metrics and processes).
      • Support for Working Groups in carrying out their functions.
      • Fundraising.
      • Recruitment and coordination of volunteers, Steering Committee members and Advisory Group members
  • Our 2021 Steering Committee:
    • Sue Brandum
    • Tony Cote
    • Steve Graham
    • Gord Harrison
    • Scott Hortop
    • Stephen Kotze
    • Paul Lehman
    • Kathleen McIntyre
    • Bill Slade
    • Glenn Tunnock

The Executive Team

  • Sue Brandum and Gord Harrison are the Executive Team.
  • The Team is responsible for implementing, managing and evaluating the priorities and programs of CNL as determined by the Steering Committee, Working Groups and members, including:
    • Program and project design and management.
    • Support CNL working groups and project teams.
    • Fund development including management of donor relationships.
    • Communications, outreach and engagement including maintenance and moderation of the website and social media.
    • Volunteer engagement and management.
    • Evaluation and reporting.
    • Capacity building for staff and volunteers.
    • Overall administration including hire, direct and evaluate contractors and staff, and, financial management.
  • In time, the Executive Team and a CNL “Director” would be responsible for the above.

The Advisory Group

  • Members of the Advisory Group share their gifts in service to our mission by providing CNL with their professional expertise, their diverse skills and knowledge, and their connections and standing in the community.
  • The Advisory Group provides a means for involving people who are willing to give critical assistance but have limited time.
  • From time to time, the Steering Committee will contact one or more members of the Group to provide advice and/or support to the Steering Committee on a matter related to their expertise — maybe once or twice a year. Advice and support could include:
    • Advising on programs / helping with organizational planning.
    • Bringing new ideas, perspectives, etc. to the Network.
    • Serving as ambassadors for a campaign.
    • Provide critical feedback to the Steering Committee, enabling the SC to improve its activities.
    • Speaking gigs, both getting engagements & doing the actual speaking.
    • Providing pro bono work to assist with other staff-driven needs.

Working Group Facilitators

  • The primary role is to facilitate Working Group meetings and activities where each Working Group assumes responsibility for developing and implementing an action plan. Specific functions include:
    • Schedule meetings, set meeting agenda and ensure minutes of meetings are complete and circulated (with support from CNL).
    • Facilitate meetings of the WG, working by consensus.
    • Foster engagement by keeping in touch with individual members as needed and ensuring members are comfortable with meeting and working technologies (where the Network provides the training if needed).
    • Participate in meetings of CNL facilitators.


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Image © Robert McDonald

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